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Eight Benefits of Uncovering Self Worth

Benefits include:

  1. Dis-entangling from your past relationship
  2. Becoming present and providing emotional security for your children
  3. Setting good boundaries in relationships
  4. Confidence as an attractive trait
  5. The power of engaging with yourself before engaging with a new relationship
  6. Seeing your transition into single life as a success, rather than a failure
  7. Letting go of non-nurturing relationships
  8. Coming to see rejection as a projection that ultimately does not involve you

Self-worth emerges when we choose to be vulnerable and show up imperfectly — we are enough.  Brene Brown describes shame as the gremlin that seeks to bury our vulnerability.  But gremlins can’t stand the light.  Dissolve our shame by sharing what we believe not to be enough with a trusted friend.  When we verbalize our shame before others, it loses its power and we set ourselves free.

You are and have always been enough,