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Rebuilding Seminars gives you a powerful combination of healing work and social connection that will get you unstuck and create a new beginning. Facilitators Bob Manthy and Ilyse Bloom along with a tensome of volunteers offer guidance, humor, self-reflection and years of experience helping folks move forward through relationship transitions.


Rebuilding Seminars provides real and lasting community – the antidote to isolation. The average seminar member attends 12 facilitated social events in addition to the classes. Our no-dating policy makes this a safe place to connect and grow. Graduates have access to an active community of hundreds of Rebuilders with multiple RB gradate-sponsored events per week.


Our facilitators are therapists with years of experience in divorce coaching. Sessions are available in person, by phone, Zoom or FaceTime, to supercharge your Rebuilding experience. Feel better and move forward while awaiting the next Seminar to start.

I have done a LOT of personal work in my life on myself and with others so I feel I was equipped to recover from the loss of my LONG time relationship, eventually. Rebuilders helped me immensely to accelerate, deepen, broaden and enrich that process with great information, process and especially to present with others going through the same recovery process. Thank you.