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Dating Foundations Seminar


6 Weeks: Thursdays, April 20th-May 25.
Hybrid: In-person in Niwot and over Zoom
6:30 – 9p MST

End dating whiplash. Learn how to attract the love that honors you and build the right relationship.

You have completed the Rebuilding Seminar, joined a supportive community, and soon you will be ready to consider growing relationships. Before jumping in, you might ask yourself:

Are you ready to build a solid foundation before starting a new growing relationship?
Do you want to learn how to follow attractions of inspiration rather than patterns of deprivation?
You’ve taken off your mask. Are you ready to uncover who exactly is the authentic self that needs to shine?
Would you like to create a roadmap for a healthy emotional and sexual relationship?
Do you want a weekly forum to ask questions and get coaching about dating and growing relationships?

It doesn’t matter where you are on the journey of relationships, this course is a must if you want to deepen your understanding of yourself. A thorough journey of self-awareness and opportunities for self-growth. It left me feeling confident and connected! – Dating Foundations Graduate

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You have completed the Rebuilding Seminar, found healing and growth from the loss of your past relationship, joined a supportive community, and are ready to consider dating and “growing relationships.” And yet… old habits and patterns continue to show up getting in the way of the love relationship you desire and the deep connection of a healthy love continues to be evasive and out of reach. The Rebuilding Dating Foundations Seminar takes Rebuilding Seminars to the next level to attract and build healthy, thriving relationships.

In this class together we will grow self-awareness, expand knowledge and skills, and build confidence towards developing a stronger wiser sense of Self in a healthy honest relationship with the Other.

A true partner or friend is one who encourages you to look deep inside yourself for the beauty and love you’ve been seeking.” – Zen Master Hanh

Key elements of successful relationships are viewed within the frameworks of the new science of relationship as well as the latest research in interpersonal neurobiology. This class is an integration of the wisdom and teachings of contemporary experts. We learn: how the brain, psyche, and our early development influence WHO we choose as partners, HOW we best navigate intimacy and conflict, and ultimately our ABILITY to find and sustain quality relationships. Through teachings, practices, reflections, and group sharing we build the tools for engaging with authenticity, clarity, open-heartedness, and confidence. We create the foundation for partner relationships that are functional, secure, healing, passionate, and sustaining. This class offers didactic and experiential practices to discover the deeper forces at play in an intimate relationship: helping us to make sense of, choose wisely and engage successfully in the wild and wonderful dance of partner relationship.

What is possible? In this graduate-only program, with Rebuilding Seminars as the foundation, we launch into the world of creating Extraordinary Relationships drawing from the science of relationships, neuropsychology, focusing on your unique Core qualities. You will explore:
– Being your authentic self in dating and new relationships,
– Confidently speaking your truth, and setting healthy boundaries that support a healthy deep connection
– Building confidence and awareness to identify and choose healthy vs. unhealthy attractions so that you get off the merry-go-round of choosing people who aren’t good for you
– Navigating different attachment styles that when unexamined can leave you confused and in conflict
– Sitting comfortably in allowing others to be who they are

This class made me have an “ah-ha” moment and it helped me discover my relationship patterns and how to create healthy new ones. I feel I am more aware of types to avoid and tuned in to those who have true relationship potential.

– Dating Foundations Graduate

This class also includes a mid-week dating support Zoom call between each class.

Missed sessions can be made up at no charge in the next series.  It is typical for participants to miss one or two sessions during a class.  Most take advantage of the make-up sessions.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the 6-week Dating Foundations Seminar, we will refund the unused portion less the $89 registration fee.

Fall 2022 Dating Foundations Seminar Schedule
Hybrid format, in-person in Niwot and over Zoom, Thursdays, Sept 8th-Oct 13, from 6:30 – 9p MST
Course registration includes the Deeper Dating text by Ken Page

COVID Safety
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