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LGBTQ+ Rebuilding Seminar

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Rebuilding Seminars has helped thousands to get unstuck and feel better so they can move forward. We are offering this dedicated class to heal together as an LGBTQ+ community to form lasting, trusted social connections — the antidote to the isolation that can accompany loss.

Rebuilding is a safe-space and compassionate program.  Consider scheduling a Rebuilding Seminar to help people heal and move forward to healthier relationships.

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Watch the 2-minute video “Why take Rebuilding?” by RB Graduate and Volunteer Maggie.

Rebuilding Seminars is the most effective and popular program of its kind. As a Rebuilder, you will take an average of two years off the time to recover from your loss and move forward to a new confidence and the freedom to be the very best you. 70% of Rebuilders are referred to the Seminar by Rebuilding Graduates.

Experience a confidential, safe, non-dating environment throughout the eight weeks so your inner work has the space to unfold. Our classes foster a long-lasting and active social network of trusted friends.

Along with LGBTQ+ ally Bob Manthy, your Seminar will be supported by a select Volunteer Team of LGBTQ+ graduates who handle all the vital details for you, such as organizing activities and supporting discussion groups. Learn from our exclusive experiential exercises so you can take concrete action steps towards the personal transformation you have always wanted.

SEMINAR TUITION Your Savings and Our Guarantee
Finances are challenging for all Rebuilders: it’s called “the divorce economy.” Completing our Seminar can bring large savings to you on many levels. Rebuilding is often more effective than counseling or therapy which can cost over $3,000 by comparison.

What really matters to you? To have a more peaceful state of mind as you go through all the changes? The protection of a friendly circle of support? To know in your heart that your children are okay? To have healthier future relationships? To make genuine new friends?

When you register, you are making an investment in the future. You will receive 20 hours of classroom Seminar and a dozen opportunities for isolation-busting, class-only social events.  Also included are Bruce Fisher’s book “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends,” the Seminar Workbook exclusively designed for this program, as well as Loss Adjustment pre- and post-testing with results.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the 8-Week Seminar, we will refund the unused portion less the $89 registration fee.

Missed sessions can be made up at no charge in the next seminar.  It is typical for participants to miss one or two sessions during a class.  Most take advantage of the make-up sessions.

LGBTQ+ “On Demand” Seminar Schedule
Classes meet on 8 Wednesdays, from 6:30-9:00p MST

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