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LGBTQ+ Rebuilding Workshop


Live Workshop over Zoom
Join us for an evening that introduces you to the Rebuilding Seminars dedicated LGBTQ+ Program with Shauna Hannan and ally Bob Manthy. They will give an overview of the Rebuilding blocks to relationship recovery, offering you a place for support, guidance, camaraderie, reflection, and even a bit of humor. Our Workshops are meant to be a peek into what the 8-week Rebuilding Seminar offers, providing you with tools to take away and begin using immediately.

The workshop fee goes toward the price of the Rebuilding Seminar.

Rebuilding is a safe-space and compassionate program.  Start the journey to feel better and move forward. Join us for this supportive and insightful evening! Please contact us for more information.



Please watch the 2-minute video “Why take Rebuilding?” by RB Graduate and Volunteer Maggie.