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Upcoming Spring Workshop

Rebuilding Relationships

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Unfortunately, sometimes those life-changing moments involve heartbreak or loss. However, humans are resilient and happiness is obtainable! We thrive off relationships and are driven by emotions. Rebuilding Seminars was developed to give you the tools to rebuild your resilience and self-worth. We are a community of individuals that are focused on providing comfort and guidance throughout these tough moments in life.

Meet The Instructors


Ilyse is a 2009 graduate of Rebuilding Seminars and is a certified Love and Logic Parenting Instructor. A mother of three, she has a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Bob leads Rebuilding with a passion to help others move forward and not repeat tired patterns. Working with Norm to facilitate Rebuilding Seminars since 2009, Bob first took the seminar after an unhealthy rebound relationship following his divorce.

Rebuilding Evening Workshop – Wed, May 22nd

We live in a digital age that is constantly portraying an unrealistic version of ourselves. Healthy relationships are built within environments that are personal, raw, and honest. Come join our community of like-minded individuals that are focused on rebuilding relationships and connections! Rebuilding_Community_Image1

The next step to recovery is self-acceptance.
The first step to rebuilding is understanding what is broken.