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Revisiting Positive Anger 

Bruce Fischer called persistent divorce anger “the fire that must be burned to the ashes of forgiveness.”  This forgiveness is the gift you give yourself — not the other person.

An important part of letting-go is considering what might hide behind our anger’s persistence.  Anger could be a smokescreen, covering sadness or rejection. Rage can protectively cover our shame. Martyr-anger might be a way to stay connected through strong feelings. Or, it might be a way to avoid taking responsibility for our decisions and acknowledging our own power. Shifting the spotlight inward, examining our part of the mess, takes great courage. It is hard work. What might be true for you? What is next for you to feel unstuck from persistent anger and moving forward? As a graduate, you are welcome to climb again with a new class.  If there are recurring, persistent issues or you feel compelled to climb again, perhaps reaching a yet higher summit, you can register for half price.  We are here for you.