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Fall 2021 Rebuilding Seminars graduate

I was hesitant to sign up for Rebuilders because I was six years post-divorce and one year out of a 2 1⁄2 year long relationship. I simply wasn’t sure if the program was going to be the right fit for me. It was absolutely the best time and financial investment in myself, ever! This program … Read more


By the end of the week, I’m a basket case. But after I go to this Class, I come home to my kids, whole.


Inspired teacher, admirable for all you have done. Very honest, loving and caring. Transformational wisdom.


Thank you for leading this amazing class. There are some very specific things you have said in class that I think about every day. Your mind/body awareness and direction have helped me center.


You have changed my life with your caring and love of everyone around you. You see the world for what it really is.