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When your relationship ends


"Rebuilding Seminars was absolutely the best time and financial investment in myself, ever! This program meets you right where you are in the rebuilding process. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or got stuck somewhere along the way. "- Rebuilding Seminars graduate

Heal and move forward in weeks, not years

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Niwot, CO 
Bob Manthy & Shae Karam

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Bob Manthy

Niwot, CO 
Bob Manthy & Shae Karam

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Bob Manthy

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Kathy Kahn

Serving Colorado since 1993
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Welcome to Rebuilding Seminars

Welcome from owner/facilitator Bob Manthy

Sue shares how Rebuilding Seminars helped her after a relationship subsequent to her divorce ended and reflects on lifelong friendships made during the program

Chloe describes how Rebuilding Seminars helped her after an unhealthy, long-term relationship

Maggie talks about finding herself again in Rebuilding Seminars and the feeling of safety and belonging that allowed her to rebuild

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Since 1993, Rebuilding Seminars has helped thousands
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Led by therapists
Bob Manthy, MS, MA, LPCC
Shae Karam, MA, LPC, LMFT, LAC
Kathy Kahn, MA, LPC, 

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Feel better and move forward in a supportive community.

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Kathy Kahn, LLPC, CAC II, PLLC, Rebuilder and Facilitator
Bob Manthy, LPCC, Rebuilder, Facilitator, Owner
Shae Karam, LPC, LMFT, LAC, Rebuilder and Facilitator

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Google Reviews

This program is amazing! The content and structure led me though processing the grief and loss of divorce. In the process I gained an incredible support group and friends for long past the end of classes. I think everyone who has experienced divorce or death of a loved one would benefit greatly from participating.

Amy Hocking Avatar Amy Hocking
December 12, 2021

Shifted some difficult emotions and offered much-needed insight that I had been seeking for a long time! Healed some very hurt places within, and restored my hope. Highly recommended for anyone grappling with divorce loss and grief.

janine gastineau Avatar janine gastineau
January 12, 2022

I highly recommend this program for anyone who is hurting and wants to feel better so that they can move on with their life! Incredible program with the best facilitators.

Emmie Anne Love Avatar Emmie Anne Love
January 12, 2022

I can’t imagine going through a divorce without having taken Rebuilders. It has been an invaluable resource for me. You become very close to people with whom you share such personal stories, and the ongoing support and care of this group of people is of immeasurable value to me. Worth every penny! In addition to the group support, the content of the class is helpful as well. It helps you deal with the emotional aspects of a divorce in a healthy way, so you can move on. I’m grateful that a friend recommended this class, and I will pass on the favor by recommending it to my friends in the future.

Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of “Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends” performed research leading him to imagine a mountain climb that guided a 10-week process, leading members from Denial to Freedom. Becoming more validated and open with their reactions and feelings, members move to a truer awareness of themselves. The Freedom mountain top points to the building of a more whole, confident self.

Save perhaps years recovering from your lost relationship.