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Relationship Corner: There’s Always that Question: What’s next?

After a loss like divorce, it’s human nature to wonder, “What’s next?” In the beginning, your pain may be so great that it takes a great deal of energy just to face each day. As you progressed through the Rebuilding Seminar, you worked on grief, anger, self-worth issues, and opened the door to looking at love, relationships, and sexuality. You … Read more

How to Heal from Feelings of Rejection

Bruce Fisher, author of Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends, shares six ways you can heal and move on to the next chapter in your life. Accept the fact that it’s normal or typical to have emotional reactions to the ending of a relationship. They’ve probably been there all along (in your relationship) and are simply … Read more

Revisiting Positive Anger 

Bruce Fischer called persistent divorce anger “the fire that must be burned to the ashes of forgiveness.”  This forgiveness is the gift you give yourself — not the other person. An important part of letting-go is considering what might hide behind our anger’s persistence.  Anger could be a smokescreen, covering sadness or rejection. Rage can … Read more

Eight Benefits of Uncovering Self Worth

Benefits include: Dis-entangling from your past relationship Becoming present and providing emotional security for your children Setting good boundaries in relationships Confidence as an attractive trait The power of engaging with yourself before engaging with a new relationship Seeing your transition into single life as a success, rather than a failure Letting go of non-nurturing … Read more

The Right Person Helps you Love Yourself More

One question: “Do they bring out the best in you?” Eckhart Tolle says relationships make you conscious, not happy or even fulfilled. We can learn so much about ourselves by who we bring into our life. Or more specifically, how we feel when we are with those we bring into our lives. Do we feel … Read more

Rebuilding Seminars Graduate Testimonial

What can I say about the Rebuilding program and experience, other than it’s been the most positive and transformational thing I’ve done for myself since my 23 year relationship ended in the fall of 2011.  I was shattered and working with a great therapist for about a year – I raged, I cried, I questioned … Read more

’Twas the Night of Rebuilders

Twas the night of Rebuilders, and all through the house, Grief and anger were stirring, “That Bastard, that Louse!” The summons was hung by the fridge in the kitchen, I felt life was over, except for the bitchin’.   The Children were snuggled, curled up in their beds, But thoughts of joint custody troubled their … Read more