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Conscious Family Law

John C. Hoelle, Co-Founder of Conscious Family Law & Mediation, is a collaboratively trained lawyer and mediator, who has focused exclusively on family law since 2011. He will provide an overview and answer questions on options for legal separation and divorce in Colorado. Conscious Family is an innovative law firm formed in 2014 in Boulder, Colorado with a mission to change the way people divorce. Conscious Family attorneys are dedicated to compassionately and efficiently guide families navigating the legal divorce process. The Conscious Family mediation process helps couples create fair and equitable agreements that supports all members of a family to thrive, even if trust between the spouses is compromised and discussions are tense, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring separate divorce lawyers.


Sustainable Family Solutions

Ms. Barkus has extensive experience as a mediator and a collaborative divorce professional. She has learned that a lawyers’ most important task in a divorce matter is to encourage clients to seek the most cost-effective solutions to minimize the trauma experienced not only by the divorcing parties but also by their children.



A very simplistic explanation of the steps in filing for Divorce.



Information and forms from the Colorado Judicial Branch