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How Rebuilding Works

Assess. Get the tools. Rebuild.


Take the Bruce Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale Profile to assess yourself and get clear feedback about where you are in the recovery process.


Our Workshops are meant to be a peek into what the Rebuilding Seminar offers, providing you with tools to take away and begin using immediately


Our 10-week seminar begins with healing and recovery from relationship loss, and then moves to uncovering the self-worth necessary for confidence and healthier future relationships

I can’t imagine going through a divorce without having taken Rebuilders. It has been an invaluable resource for me. You become very close to people with whom you share such personal stories, and the ongoing support and care of this group of people is of immeasurable value to me. Worth every penny! In addition to the group support, the content of the class is helpful as well. It helps you deal with the emotional aspects of a divorce in a healthy way, so you can move on. I’m grateful that a friend recommended this class, and I will pass on the favor by recommending it to my friends in the future.


Can I discuss if this is the right Divorce Recovery program before enrolling?

Please give us a call or use the Contact Us page if you would like to discuss how Rebuilding Seminars can help you move forward in your specific situation.  Participants range from those long divorced to those in the middle of the divorce process to those considering separation or still living under the same roof.

Many local counselors actively refer their clients to Rebuilding Seminars, and likewise, many Rebuilders augment the program with the addition of private counseling.  We call this “supercharging the experience.”  See the Facilitators page to make an appointment with our Staff. 

Why Volunteers are so essential to the Rebuilding process?

Each 10-week class is served by a team of Volunteers, men and women nominated by their own peers and classmates, to make sure your Rebuilding experience is the best possible. By facilitating small groups, coordinating refreshments, and providing a variety of outside activities, the Volunteers help energize and deepen your Rebuilding experience. Because they have gone through the Seminar themselves, they are able to understand and relate to your own process.

Why do we support outside activities?

Although optional, our social activities can be nearly as powerful as the classes. By helping your confidence to grow in a safe social setting, this is one secret of Rebuilding, helping people re-enter the single sub-culture. Hiking and other outdoor events, dinner and a movie, or a favorite activity you may suggest – we help set it up and make it fun. These gatherings are also a great place to talk with your classmates and share personal situations.

Why is the greater Community of Rebuilders so special?

One of the great benefits of Rebuilding is the potential of friendships. If you choose to, it is quite likely that you will make one or more lasting friendships from your class. More, after graduation, you will be invited to join the greater Rebuilding community. We are hundreds of adults who have done this work and enjoy activities coupled with authentic conversation. Activities posted on our private meetup range from a weekly happy hour to an afternoon bike ride to a weeknight book club, to the RB Band, to frequent potlucks with new friends. Hundreds of Rebuilders turn out for our Giant Summer Picnic and the Annual Holiday Ball. We include a mix of events that are kid-friendly.

Are you still Uncertain?

Rebuilding has delivered clinically-proven results to thousands of graduates over the years, including doctors and lawyers, therapists and judges, single parents and job-seekers — many diverse people, who successfully complete our confidential Seminar.

If I miss a class, can I make it up?

Sign up for the next Rebuilding Seminar even if you must miss a class or two. We offer free make-up classes in the next session. This is very common and we will make this work for you!